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Legal notice and terms & conditions

easyFinca - a brand of PHO Licencia Mallorca S.L.U. (Porta Holiday)
C/ Colom 20 1°
07001 Palma
VAT-ID: ES B-57827008

Office hours
Monday to Friday from 10:00 am until 18:00 pm.
Tel. (ES): +34 971 578 931
Tel. (DE): +49 211 546 90 25

Legal references
easyFinca regularly reviews and updates the information and data on its websites. We cannot, however, eliminate the possibility that data might have changed in the meantime. We hereby suspend the accountability or warranty of any kind for the accuracy, totality and actuality of the data provided on our websites.

The previous statement also applies to all websites that are accessible by the means of a hyperlink. easyFinca does not assume liability for the content of the websites that are accessed through hyperlinks.

The content and framework of all easyFinca websites are protected by copyright. The duplication of information or data, notably the usage of texts, parts of text or graphical material, strictly requires the prior approval of easyFinca.

Notice of liability: Despite thorough content reviews, we do not assume any liability for the content of linked websites. The content of the linked websites is the sole responsibility of their operators.

Attention: Should any website content infringe the copyright, we ask that you contact us as the operator of this website. The disruptive content will then be removed immediately. Any demanded imbursement, without previously contacting us for the duty to avert loss (§254 Abs. 2 BGB), will be declined as being arbitrary.

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General terms & conditions
easyFinca acts as a negotiator of individual services and organises the contract conclusion (booking confirmation) for and on behalf of the respective service provider (e.g. owner or landlord) or their agent (e.g. property management). This also applies to any other facilitated extra-services, such as a rental car. All complaints and indemnity claims of the client must be made directly to the respective service provider. The following conditions are, therefore, solely applicable to our work as a transactional forum.

Conclusion of contracts
Your booking request has to be effected in writing by means of an e-mail or a fax. The request will be conveyed by the applicant, also on behalf of all travelling members listed in the application for whose contractual obligation the applicant advocates. The booking confirmation | invoice will be in the name of the respective property owner and will also be delivered to you in writing via an e-mail or fax by easyFinca. With this booking confirmation a contract of the booked service is concluded.

Our obligation is the correct and orderly placement of the booked services. All information regarding the arranged services is based on the information provided by the responsible service provider. The range of contractual services and their corresponding prices result from the detailed terms of those services.

After receipt of the invoice, an initial deposit of 30 % will be due within 7 days. If this payment is not made in the 7 days, easyFinca reserves the right to cancel the reservation and is entitled to lease out the accommodation otherwise.

The final due balance of the rental price must be paid at least 6 weeks prior to arrival without further prompting, unless a different procedure of payment is specified in the invoice.

For last-minute bookings that fall within 6 weeks of departure the full payment is due immediately. For a stay of less than 5 days or more than 21 days a higher deposit may be due.

After receipt of the payment, the applicant will receive a payment confirmation by means of an e-mail or fax. Upon receiving the final payment, we will provide you with all travel documents, also by e-mail or fax.

Cancellation of contract
The cancellation of a contract made by the applicant must result in a written format. The decisive date is the date of receipt by easyFinca. The following cancellation fees of the total rental price on behalf of the owner will apply:

If cancelled
• up to 42 days prior to the arrival date a 30 % cancellation fee will be due.
• from the 43rd day prior to arrival and onwards, the full 100 % of fees will be due.

We recommend that you take out a travel cancellation expenses insurance, which you can complete at under the menu tab ‘Service’.

Should the traveller not take advantage of specific partial benefits due to an early return or other compelling reasons, then the entitlement to the refund of services will expire.

Obligation for travellers to cooperate
Please check your booking confirmation and invoice as well as the travel documents for their accuracy and inform us immediately should these be incomplete or inaccurate. Without your immediate notification, you have no entitlement to a refund for any consequences due to faulty documents.
The tenant has to treat the rental property along with its inventory with care. S/he is obliged to report any occurring damages during his/her stay to the service provider (owner) or the responsible agent (property management). The tenant is personally liable for damages caused by him/her.

The tenant is requested to check the inventory of the property upon arrival. Any defects should be reported to easyFinca, the property owner or the agent (property management) within 24 hours, so that these can be repaired. After the end of their stay, the client may not proclaim a reduction of travel expenses if the defects have not been communicated on location.

The washing machines of the rental properties ARE NOT suitable for the cleaning of sandy beach towels. This clearly exceeds the functionality of the washing machine. The tenant will consequently be solely responsible for any corresponding reparation costs.

If any possible deficiencies of services occur, the tenant is compelled to take all reasonable action to contribute to a correction of the defects as well as to maintain the possibility of damages at a minimum. Should the tenant culpably fail to communicate a defect, s/he will not be entitled to issue any reduction claims in this aspect.

On the day of arrival, the property will be ready for move-in from 16:00 o’clock onwards; on the day of departure, the tenant should leave the property no later than 10:00 o’clock. If the tenant wishes to reside in the property later than 10:00 o’clock on the departure day this must be arranged with the owner or their respective agent on location.

The properties offered by easyFinca are merely used as potential properties for a transactional placement.
The booking will be finalised in the name of the owner, the landlord or the administrator. All claims for indemnity can only be made to the owner (or the landlord or administrator).

The usage of the rental property is at your own risk. easyFinca will not be held accountable for any accidents, and indemnity claims cannot be asserted in this aspect.

Since a majority of properties placed by easyFinca are located in rural areas, ants, mosquitoes or similar small animals must be expected. Furthermore, in rural areas the possibility of noise exists, created through animals such as sheep, dogs, cocks or the like.
This does not denote a deficit and therefore no damage claims can be made.

easyFinca will not be held accountable for temporary disruptions in the water or electricity supply, nor do we assume accountability for disruptions due to natural reasons or local conditions. Equally, easyFinca is not liable for the constant readiness of installed services such as the heating, the air conditioning, the pool or even noise disturbances caused by construction activity on neighbouring properties.

The tenant is solely responsible for their own valuables/cash etc. Neither the owner nor easyFinca assume accountability in the case of burglary or theft. Possible damages caused in such a case must be communicated to easyFinca immediately. Claims for indemnity cannot be issued.

Should easyFinca have to withdraw from the contract prior to departure due to unforeseen circumstances (such as a force majeure), an alternative property will be made available. If no substitute properties can be placed, the liability will limited to the maximum amount of payments already made by the client.

At the placed services, we do not assume accountability for the value performance by the service provider, but only for the proper placement of these services and the proper dissemination of information from the service provider to the traveller.

Legal venue
The legal venue for all disputes arising from the placement contract will be the location of the service provision.

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